Through working for nearly a decade, I’m skilled in scanning, retouching and mastering images for exhibitions, portfolios and books and have done so for some of the world’s leading art and documentary photographers, including Stephen Gill, Martin Parr and the late Tony Ray-Jones. I can apply my own technical and aesthetic ability as a photographer to understand the original message of intention in an image and showcase this in any reproduction I work on, in a sensitive and respectful way.
I have extensive experience in managing the production of high-quality photobooks; working closely with the photographer and publisher to edit and sequence the images; liasing with the designers and printers to ensure the colours and design are in-keeping with the brief; and coordinating the whole process to ensure the publication in delivered on time, budget and to the highest standard.
From handling vintage silver gelatin prints to producing the latest pigment prints, scanning old negatives and restoring them for exhibition use, I have worked alongside organisations including the Tate Modern, Walker Arts, Media Space, The Maritime Museum, Foam Gallery, The Public, MAC Gallery, Rencontres d’Arles to help display and celebrate fantastic documentary photography.
After spending several years scanning, retouching, mastering images for books, exhibitions and portfolios with some of the world’s leading photographers including Stephen Gill, Paul Trevor and Peter Mitchell. I am a highly competent production professional who has worked with multiple publishers and printing houses.
More recently I have worked closely with publishers and designers such as the Archive of Modern Conflict, ICVL, Phaidon, Studio Thomas, Errata Editions, Rocket Press & RRB Publishing to develop ideas and reproduce work by photographers such as Peter Mitchell’s ‘Viking 4 Space Mission’ and ‘Some Thing means Everything to Somebody’, Martin Parr’s ‘Real Food’ and ‘Remote Scottish Postboxes’ and most recently John Myers’ ‘ Portraits’.

Created editioned prints and book guides for Coexistence by Stephen Gill. 2013.

Assisting Martin Parr on commission for BBC's 'Oneness' idents. 2016

Assisting Martin Parr on commission for BBC's 'Oneness' idents. 2016

Limited edition, pigment portfolio prints for Peter Mitchell, 2015

Produced prints for Jon Tonk's Exhibiton at MAC, Birmingham, 2014

Scanned, retouched and printed exhibition prints for 'Only In England', by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr at the Media Space, London, 2013.

Helped produce newly mastered scans of Tony Ray-Jones's iconic images for 'The Great British Seaside' show held at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, 2017

Editioned small print and packaging from 'In the Box' by Tom Groves, 2013

Working prints from 'Jumpers for Goalposts', 2017

Print produced for a client from 'Jumpers for Goalposts', Tom Groves, 2016

Assisted Martin Parr on a round-the-world trip as part of a collaboration with Gucci for #timetoparr, 2018

Portfolio work for Bruce Gilden, 'Faces' project, 2014.

Helped produce and design parts of 'Remote Scottish Postboxes' by Martin Parr, for RRB Publishing, 2017

Test printing Tony Ray-Jones' iconic Beachy Head image for 'Only In England' show at the Media Space, London, 2013

Checking printed proofs for John Myers' ' The Portraits' book, published by RRB, 2017

Checking and printing of Martin Parr's iconic New Brighton work, 'The Last Resort', 2015

Helped retouch and guided printing on AMC's #2 Journal, 2014

Portfolio work for Bruce Gilden's, 'Bogota' commission, 2014.

All images on this site are available as prints in various editions, please contact me to discuss….